A mix without any rules. Dive head first into electronic music with a new episode each month.

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What’s in the crate? Episode 9

In the heat of Summer, Hardstyle heats up your speakers. New mixes are coming out more often so subscribe and use this electronic music jukebox.

What’s in the crate? Episode 7

House music was the genre that made me curious of what a DJ did and why they did it. It’s a culture and a lifestyle. You will hear some of the best vocals on this mix.

What’s in the crate? Episode 3

The third episode of this random mix. Each month DJ Jon Pie brings you an energetic mix of random genres. This month is hardstyle set to 160 bpm with a trap surprise at the end.

What’s in the crate? Episode 2

Episode 2 is another random mix of genres for an hour. Enjoy a mix of Melbourne Bounce, Electro, Soulful House Music, and Techno. Subscribe to your favorite podcast network and get notified on the latest episode.

What’s in the crate? Episode 1

Listen to the first episode of What’s in the crate? The formula to this mix series is to give you a random mix that travels through different electronic music genres.